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Since 2009 Evencias Buzz has been creating innovative exhibition booths, providing a complete design, production and management service India wide. Our aim is to provide world-class exhibition solutions and maximize the effectiveness on the fairground. Our clients are international acting companies and well-known worldwide brands, govenment agencies, in India. For many organizations, exhibition marketing targets have been put into reality, as we understand the exhibition marketing approach in the international exhibition market.

It’s the experience to work with high quality specifications, using high skilled workforce, excellent design development, expertise with careful attention to detail.

Designers with the richness of ideas, of concepts and the knowledge about the range of architectural styles cooperate with experienced exhibition marketers to develop unique concepts. The use of the latest 3D and CAD technology in the booth design, an advanced administration and logistic system, guarantee timely construction, delivery and assembly of the exhibition booth at the Exhibition ground.

With a collective experience of over 5 years, we are an eminentService provider rendering designing solutions, Fabrication and installation of Exhibition Stalls. We specializes into Stall Designing, Expo Booth Designs, Tradeshow Booth Designs. We create business opportunities by giving best to our clients.Our business growth truly depends upon the Satisfaction of our customers. We will strive to provide efficient service along with the highest quality.While participating in an Exhibition or in an event, it is imperative that the spaceavailable should be utilized optimally for creating maximum visual impact. Acreatively handled theme, backed by a powerful communication is crucial inattracting maximum walk-ins to your stall. Along with the display, it is vital tocommunicate the visual representation associated with the brand and Organization.

Our Strength lies in dedicated, skilled designers, craftsmen & production experts.They have in depth knowledge of the industry and are familiar with customer'sspecific requirements. Being a professionally managed service provider we take theresponsibility of project in compliance with client's guidelines and also commit tocomplete the project with in the stipulated time frame. We believe that it's easy tomake 3D designs as compared to fabricate the same thing in realistic world.Exhibitions are meant for displaying new Brands & Products among the masses tocreate huge awareness.

When it comes to letting people know about a few events or something that relates to business event promotion then you can select us. We at EVENCIAS BUZZ provide you with the best options in event promotion and event marketing. Being in the business your main aim would be to reach the pinnacle of success. This would be possible if you can actually hire someone who can let people know that there is some event that the company or business is organizing. We have attained a good hold on such services and we truly stand ahead in the rat race.

Every platform is vital and so we assure you that when we take the task of promoting your business with the right strategies there would be no looking back. Just select us for event marketing and we assure you the very best results. We have always kept dynamic and creative approach and this has helped us to make our customers happy. We have handled many projects and so we are sure that you as a business would also like our work and working style.

At EVENCIAS BUZZ we know that nothing can mar the right promotional techniques and strategies. So, we follow the never look back strategy. It really doesn’t matter where you are located. We are there to help you. Just approach us and provide us the details of the event and we would do the needful.

Evencias Buzz

Exhibition Stand Design-visibility, beauty, attractivity.

All designers create the best design concepts considering your budget and requirements, we create only customized stand handmade without using or mixing system parts. The outcome is usually amazing and your exhibition presentation will be on the winning side. Your exhibition stand will be noted as we create our concepts considering visibility ,beauty, attractivity, recognizability, leadership. Our stands are usually an attraction in the hall, they are outstanding, eye-catching and notable from distance. Creating a custom exhibition stand design is just one of the keys that will allow your company to open doors to achieving business success. Creating custom exhibition stand designs is a practical and advantageous method that assures businesses of immense benefits and countless advantages as the creation of unique memmorable presentations, is importnt to increase brand awareness, brand value. It provides companies a wider range of prospective customers. Most importantly, it allows you to see which paths to take and not to take in your business walk.

Evencias Buzz

Exhibition Booth/Stall/Stand Designs for Companies targeting to improve exhibition marketing strategy. 

A new product or service is often the first "attention" " New" is the key word for ultimate exhibition marketing. Potential customers react and turn their interest to exhibition stands designs where a new product or service is presented and highlighted showing their function and features and cover the newest trends. The new product or service need to reach the eyes attention through the stand design visuals, slogans, multimedia, targeting in long and short distance visitor's first attention. A new product or service is often the first "attention" highlighted created by large company and brands an can be an important marketing strategy for medium and smaller business. Unfortunately often exhibitors don't create and adjust their exhibition stands designs and marketing messages transmission of information making their new products, in a way that it will be noticed and receive attention. Potential customers walking in front of the exhibition booth away and we wonder: "why our product does not get the right attention?"

EVENCIASBUZZ exhibition stands designs concepts are aligned with exhibition marketers that help companies to create their message and presentation combining the information and messaging with the right exhibition design concept.

Evencias Buzz

Proffesional Exhibition Stall/Booth/Stand Contractor. 

A professional exhibition stand contractor should establish a unique identity and create a dsign with a memorable visual look. The same recognizable look and feel, character and identity in your new design must turn an abstract identity into a face people can like and trust, therefore exhibition design is the art of finding the right mixture of abstraction and emotion.

The goal is to create a complete, integrated package that will be a unique and inviting presence at a fair so that visitors often surrounded by many competing demands for their attention will be attracted to the stand, and then have a memorably enjoyable visit enhanced by both the booth and the personnel. With a cleverly conceived, custom designed exhibition stand the exhibitor’s message and branding is much powerfully established.A custom built exhibition stand is the key for for attracting more visitors, more contacts and brings in more business.

Stands that put you apart from the rest

EVENCIASBUZZ exhibition stand contractor, offers a different style and innovative approach in our exhibition stand design and build concepts and solutions. We use a variety of materials and designs to capture your image.

EVENCIASBUZZ can maintain your visual image or give you a new look for each presentation.